David Clark

Web Developer Seattle, WA

I am a Full Stack Web Developer in Seattle, WA. I live my life with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and improvement, which is what drew me to working with software in the first place. I thrive in environments that match my values – communication, collaboration, omni-directional support.

When I'm AFK, I can usually be found hanging out with my family, our dogs, playing chess with my kiddo, brewing and sharing coffee, or diving headlong into research on some random topic I happened upon. I'm notorious for self-depricating humor and dad jokes, so if you think your team could use more of that (and who doesn't?!), then let's meet up!

Be sure to ask me, "What do you call a litter of Corgi puppies?"


Mindful moment recording service

GitHub Repo | Live App

A stateful web app for users to record moments of mindfulness/meditation. Uses React, Redux and JWT to create a lightning-fast, stateful, and secure user experience.

unbound collective

Photography challenge platform

GitHub Repo | Live App

A single-page responsive web app for users to create photo challenges or to submit photos to challenges. Utilizes JWT authorization, the Cloudinary image hosting platform API, and MongoDB.


Vegan restaurant finder

GitHub Repo | Live App

User is able to discover nearby vegan restaurants and find resources for further research into vegan diet and lifestyle. Utilizes the Google Maps API, Places Library, and Geocoding Service.

Teo Hannum | Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Client commission project

GitHub Repo | Live App

The client requested a website that was modern and refreshing, but not too far removed from their previous website. The main concerns were accessibility of location and a contact form.